Treatments - Specific dermatology

Specific dermatology of pigmented/black skin.

Specific dermatology ? Why is this ?

The healing of pigmented skin leaves traces. Keloids (scar hypertrophy) are often more frequent as well. This is why it is a specific dermatology. You need to have real experience and expertise in this field.

Different healing?

The keloid is due to more collagen being “made” than necessary.

Particular pathologies specific to pigmented skin?

Asian and black skins often show a profusion of flat warts on the face, the origin of which is not well known and the treatment very delicate. This pathology can be treated by CO2 laser volatilization, as superficially as possible to avoid scarring and pigmentation problems (see LASERS).

Specific treatments?

As pigmented skin is very fragile and delicate, there are specific, very gentle and superficial treatments.

Sun prevention is essential.

Changes in hygiene habits may be indicated, such as moisturising without grease on the skin (the occlusive effect of grease is negative: superinfection) but also an acid pH to clean the skin.

How much does it cost?

The cost will depend on the treatments envisaged by Dr. LOWY. A range of estimates can be obtained during the consultation.

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