Mimic wrinkles & "volume"

mimic lines : botox

What are mimic lines?

These wrinkles are due to the contraction of certain muscles in the face. This “contraction” can be greatly reduced by the injections.
Some patients who do not want botox can also be treated for these frown lines with hyaluronic acid.

The muscles relax in 2 to 4 days, leaving a much calmer face (without being rigid or inexpressive).

To maintain the desired effect, the treatment should be done twice a year.

Side effects and contraindications?

The injections are usually very well tolerated. Patients who are contraindicated by the investigation (e.g. during pregnancy and breastfeeding) are referred for further care.

Slight pain at the injection site, small haematomas or redness may occur, all of which are reversible.

Massage of the treated muscles is not recommended.

Is it painful?

The technique is not painful for the correction of wrinkles. On the other hand, it is more painful for treating hypersweating (excessive perspiration). This treatment is performed with anaesthetic cream for 30 minutes before the injections (very small needles).

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on the amount of product used. A range of estimates can be obtained during the consultation.

For a broader treatment of facial lines, the resurfacing laser is used.

Wrinkles: "volume"

What are "volume" wrinkles?

These are filled with hyaluronic acid. These injections can be painful and require an anaesthetic with Emla cream given at the surgery by the nurse 1 hour before the treatment.