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Lasers and Resurfacing

What is it?

It is the volatilization of the epidermis or “resurfacing” (English) or “resurfaçage” (French). The entire skin of the face can be “resurfaced”, making the skin’s ageing due to the sun (and light) disappear, i.e. wrinkles, spots, etc. or other superficial lesions (xanthelasma of the eyelids).

Does it give good results?

Very good, these results are stable and spectacular. They last from 6 to 7 years, either in 1 time with the CO2 laser, or with the FRAXEL performed 2 to 3 times at 1 month intervals.

The technique requires a great deal of experience in Dermato-Surgery.

What is the difference with peels, including the glycolic peel?

The glycolic peel is a “chemical” treatment using a gel which, when applied to the face for example, destroys the aged keratinocytes and penetrates the pores (dilated or inflammatory sebaceous glands) which it also treats but WITHOUT VOLATILISATION OF THE EPIDERM. It is a much more superficial technique which gives gentle and less spectacular results. The results are mostly visual in terms of improved skin texture and last for about 2 years This is a beautiful dermatological technique, which requires a great deal of experience in our speciality for maximum effect WITHOUT any after-effects or marks at any time during the treatment. The “disfiguring” peelings that prevent patients from returning to the sun are gradually being abandoned in view of the possible marks and after-effects.

Resurfacings are performed under local anaesthesia for the CO2 laser and dermal anaesthetic cream for the FRAXEL laser and are preferably aimed at the perioral and periorbital wrinkles. It is therefore a much more in-depth treatment, but the results last much longer.

How much does it cost?

A range of estimates can be obtained during the consultation.

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