Treatments - General Dermatology


What is it? What does it involve?

Use of cold (dry ice or better still liquid nitrogen) for various purposes. t involves the use of liquid nitrogen on the injury with a spray.

What types of pathologies can be treated?

This technique is intended for benign skin tumours (vulgar warts, seborrheic keratoses, early actinic keratoses, etc.)

Does it give good results?

The cosmetic results are excellent, especially if the skin is fair. Sometimes this technique is not recommended for pigmented or black skin.

How many sessions are needed ?

Usually one session is sufficient, but sometimes additional sessions may be necessary (depending on the number of lesions and their thickness: the earlier the patient starts treatment, the fewer sessions are needed).

Does it hurt ? Side effects?

No, the treatment does not require anaesthesia and can be tolerated by most patients.

How much does it cost?

A range of estimates can be obtained during the consultation or from our secretariat.

Partial reimbursement authorized by the mutual in most diagnoses.